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Wills & Estates

The loss of a loved one can be hard.
At Parker & Kissane we are able to deal with all aspects regarding will drafting and preparation.

All of our offices have experienced Staff whom are able to provide assistance in the areas of:

  •    Power of Attorney;   
  •    Will drafting; and
  •     Estate Planning;




At Parker & Kissane we are able to assist you by:-

  •    Advising, with the assistance of a
       Professional, on taxation issues;
  •    Advising on the possibility of challenges
       from interested parties;
  •   Advising a prospective interested party
      in regard to an Estate matter
  •    Advising as to the possible ramifications 
      of a divorce of your beneficiary children 

      former, surviving spouse;


Estate Planning

We also provide advice and assistance for family members entering Assisted Living and/or Nursing Home Facilities.

We also advise on the best ways to guard against Family Provision Claims against your Estate. We can advise you on what you need to do to ensure that your Executors and Trustee's are able to fulfil your wishes. 


  •   Powers of Attorney
  •   Enduring Guardianship documents
  •   Wills
  •   Mutual Wills
  •   Intergenerational Transfers
  •   Family Provision Claims



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