Buying & selling property

Our solicitors and conveyancers can assist you at all stages of the process of buying and selling residential, rural or commercial property. Whether it be by auction, or a private sale, a house, a farm, a villa in a retirement village, an investment or commercial property of any type, we will ensure the process runs smoothly.

We help with all types of buying and selling property, including;

Residential buying & selling

We can handle all transfers of residential land. Whether you have purchased or sold residential property before it is always a significant investment that should be handled with care. Our team includes licensed conveyancers and solicitors who handle the process of buying and selling land from start to finish. We can assist you with due diligence, pest inspections, building reports and negotiations, streamlining the transaction process to minimise risk. We oversee all essential documentation to ensure it is completed correctly to prevent unnecessary delays to you.

Rural buying & selling

Rural conveyancing is an area of law that separates Parker & Kissane Solicitors from other conveyancing firms in the region. Our team includes solicitors who not only work but live in rural and remote New South Wales and therefore understand the nuances of such transactions. You should feel comfortable discussing your rural conveyancing needs with our team because they know and come from the country. Our solicitors draw on their personal and professional knowledge to ensure your needs are fully understood and addressed.

Commercial conveyancing

Purchasing a commercial asset can be a longer and more complex process than residential conveyancing due to the requirement for greater due diligence. Our specialist Commercial Conveyancing team can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to ensure smooth transferral of ownership whether you’re buying or selling.

We can also help with buying or selling a Business and Commercial Leasing.

Transfers of property ownership & intergenerational transfers

In addition to traditional conveyances of land when buying and selling property our solicitors are available to assist with other means by which property is transferred between owners. This includes being able to advise and assist in relation to the transfer of land between family members pursuant to laws regulating intergenerational transfers and in relation to severing joint tenancies to tenants in common ownership, and giving advice to you as to when that is the best course of action. Any transfer of land can come with implications for tax, stamp duty, and social security risks and should not be undertaken without seeking competent advice.

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