Commercial & business transactions

We can help you at any point of your business lifecycle – starting up, established or wrapping up. Whether you are looking for assistance in purchasing a business, or reviewing your current business structures, Parker & Kissane can help you.

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Commercial property – buying & selling

Buying or selling commercial property is a significant financial decision that requires careful planning. At Parker & Kissane we offer a range of legal commercial conveyancing, leasing and business law services. Our commercial team aim to help streamline the property transaction, reduce risk and ultimately save you time, money and stress.

Commercial & retail leasing

When the business you are buying leases an existing premise, we’ll review the lease to determine the right process for transferal and the existing lease terms. The benefit of using our team is we’re capable of negotiating on your behalf a new lease to suit your needs or vary the lease terms to accommodate you. At Parker Kissane, we also offer services in environmental and town planning services. We’ll identify any potential zoning or council laws in the area you’re looking to buy. Our commercial team are committed to protecting the interests of all our clients looking to sell or purchase a commercial property.

Selling a Business

If you’re opting to sell your business, we’ll be with you to ensure you understand and prepare all the components that’s required to be included in the contract of sale including:

  • Transferring ownership of the business
  • Fixed assets, equipment & stock
  • Employee contracts
  • Business structure
  • Supplier agreements & existing invoices/orders
  • Relevant information regarding any debts & taxation

Preparing a well-written and structured contract of sale helps to minimise any issues that could arise after the sale. Our team will work closely with you to tailor a contract of sale that meets the legal requirements and is suitable to your wishes.

Buying a Business or Franchising

If you’re buying a business, our commercial team will assess the contract to ensure you know what you’re getting. At Parker & Kissane, we’ll safeguard your interests and tailor relevant legal advice before, during and after the exchange period to facilitate a smooth property transaction. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, our goal is to represent your best interests.

Property law is complex and requires expertise to avoid financial pitfalls that can come with buying a business. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a solicitor who takes a client-focused approach to tailor relevant legal advice and is meticulous when it comes to assessing the contract of a sale. We’ll inspect the condition of the property, check the business name registration, and review all the details of the contract to ensure you aren’t getting taken advantage of. Each business structure is associated with individualised legal, accounting and tax obligations. We’ll help you understand each aspect of the business you are looking to purchase so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Corporate business advice and structuring

Parker & Kissane can provide advice on the complex legal issues involved when choosing the most appropriate business structure for your particular needs to ensure your enterprise’s ongoing success. Whether it’s getting your business up and running or reviewing your existing business structure to help your business run better, our specialist team can help.

Associations and Not for Profits

We provide advice to associations and not for profits on a broad range of matters including structure, associations legislation, constitutions, as well as general advice at meetings and participation on boards.

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