Mortgages, securities, loan agreements & debts

Our experience in debt collection extends to sound knowledge of the enforcement process and means of strategically recovering debts. Parker & Kissane has a team of solicitors who are experienced in debt recovery proceedings. We adopt a firm but practical approach to debt recovery on behalf of our creditor clients.

We understand the need for clients to obtain realistic advice in relation to debt recovery proceedings, and when the prospects of recovering debts is not commercially viable. Once engaged, we are determined in pursuing debts on behalf of clients when there is sufficient evidence to enable us to advise that the prospects of obtaining a judgment and recovering funds is reasonable. We maintain strong relationships with local process servers and private investigators to enable us access to further information to assist clients with the recovery of debts.

Our experience in relation to debt recovery is full scope and includes:

  • Advising in relation to debts, monies owed, enforcement options, including simple debts, invoices, debts arising from deeds or agreements or other contracts, and mortgages or loans.
  • Preparing and negotiating in relation to letters of demand.
  • Commencing proceedings in civil jurisdiction for recovery of debts by statement of claim.
  • Obtaining default judgments, or otherwise prosecuting claims which are defended.
  • Managing, preparing, and attending mediations in relation to the resolution of debts.
  • Acting up to and including defended hearings for the recovery of debts.
  • Recovery of arrears for rent and/or mortgages and proceedings to evict tenants, and or act as mortgagee in possession.
  • Advising in relation to bankruptcy proceedings, and up to and including all steps in issuing bankruptcy notices and obtaining orders for bankruptcy.
  • Our experience in debt recovery is full scope and for clients of different backgrounds and varying budgets which ensures our practice continually adapts to ensure we serve our clients effectively and commercially because our priority is a good outcome for our clients.
  • Our debt recovery practice extends to all jurisdictions including Federal courts, Local, District, and Supreme Courts, and the Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

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