Family law

Our caring and respectful approach and extensive experience means that we can achieve the best and most cost-effective outcomes with a focus on negotiation and mediation.

We offer a personalised approach to best suit your individual circumstances. When required we have experienced lawyers to advocate for you in any court proceedings.


Our family lawyers can mediate and resolve disputes relating to finances and property, child support and maintenance and consent orders. Mediation can be an efficient, cost-effective solution to settling disputes before an application to the court is necessary. It can save considerable time, money and stress. We’ll be on hand to finalise any financial matters that may arise from the breakdown of your relationship, including property, spousal maintenance, division of assets and liabilities and superannuation splits.

Separation & Divorce

Parker & Kissane’s family lawyers understand that every relationship and circumstance is unique and needs to be treated with utmost care. No separation or divorce case is straightforward as there is usually a combination of varying factors that require attention. We offer legal advice for divorce applications, separation, settling property disputes and parenting arrangements. Our aim is to provide you with reliable, practical and realistic advice to help you make fully informed decisions and understand of your legal rights, entitlements and obligations.

We can also assist with drafting and implementing asset protection, financial agreements before or during a relationship or marriage or after separation / divorce, asset protection pertaining to financial support, property settlements, business ownership and even estate planning.

Children and parenting

In any separation or divorce, working through parenting arrangements can be very challenging. We will assist you to identify your responsibilities and advocate for you and your children through this process whether it involves Parenting Plans or Court Orders or other dispute resolution.

Property settlements

Property settlement can be an emotional and complex process. Our Family Lawyers can provide clear advice and representation for the division of property and assets including dealing with rural properties, trusts and commercial structures, during separation or divorce, ensuring the best possible outcome.

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