Employment, workplace & industrial relations

Our Workplace Relations and Employment Law team works with employers and employees in all industries in relation to rights, duties and entitlements.

We provide employers and employees with straightforward and proactive advice in a wide range of employment areas, including your duties to employees and provide solutions for contract issues, disputes and more. We understand that these matters can be sensitive and stressful and recognise the complex and individual approach that is necessary in disputes regarding the workplace.

Our services

Unfair dismissal, wage claims, general protection claims

Have you recently lost your job and think you may have been unlawfully terminated? Or perhaps you’re unsure if your employee entitlements have been correctly awarded to you. Parker & Kissane’s Employment Law team can help you understand your rights and options.

Employment agreements, policy & procedures

Are you an employer looking for advice in relation to your employment agreements and/or employee obligations? If you are an employee with or without an employment agreement, we can assist you in identifying your rights and responsibilities as an employee. We also provide advice identifying your post contract obligations including restraint of trade and non-compete obligations.

Discrimination, harassment & disputes

As an employee, you must not be discriminated against, based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability or religion. If you believe that adverse action has been taken against you, we can discuss your rights and provide advice in resolving these issues.

Redundancy and termination advice

We have significant experience acting for employers and employees in employment matters regarding the end of employment relationships including:

  • Redundancy
  • Providing advice regarding alleged breaches of employment agreements
  • Defending foreshadowed claims,
  • Providing advice and acting in relation to complaints commenced in the Fair Work Australia jurisdiction for breach of general protections and unfair dismissal,
  • Advocating for employees for entitlements and remunerations, providing advice in relation to Awards.

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