Property & construction

We can assist you with all stages of buying and selling residential, rural or commercial property.

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Conveyancing and leasing

When the business you are buying leases an existing premise, we’ll review the lease to determine the right process for transferal and the existing lease terms. The benefit of working with us is we’re capable of negotiating on your behalf a new lease to suit your needs or vary the lease terms to accommodate you.

We also offer services in environmental and town planning services. We’ll identify any potential zoning or council laws in the area you’re looking to buy. Our team are committed to protecting the interests of all our clients looking to sell or purchase a commercial property.

Easements, subdivisions, boundary adjustments, covenants

Small and large subdivisions are handled by Parker & Kissane’s commercial solicitors who have extensive knowledge of property law enabling them to act for private developers of commercial, industrial and residential land. We can advise you about threatened species issues, biodiversity and conservation, contaminated land, heritage and more.

If you are considering a subdivision of your land, no matter how small or large, you should seek advice from our solicitors who can assist you at each step of the way. Our solicitors have a network of relationships with other professionals involved in the subdivision of land including Councils, engineers, planners and environmental scientists.

We can prepare documentation for easements for rights of way, drainage, burial grounds, power lines, water infrastructure, and more. We provide advice on court applications to seek easements where there is no agreement in place and give advice on disputes about use of easements, interference with easements, enforcement of rights, damage, and repairs.


Registering, removing or challenging caveats is a complex area of law. Parker & Kissane’s Property & Construction Lawyers can advise on your prospects and represent you if litigation is required.

Construction contracts & disputes

Our Property & Construction team can provide advice on contract documentation and disputes including standard form construction contracts and subcontracts, ensuring your risk profile is appropriately reflected in your contract terms. We also provide advice and act on disputes for owners and builders relating to contracts and defective work.

Security of payment claims

We can assist with progress claims, payment schedules and matters under security of payment legislation.

Project management, major public works, and procurement

We can help project managers, consultants and construction companies on drafting, negotiation and enforcement of major construction and public works contracts including GC21 contracts. We can also assist with recovery of money, responses to tenders, drafting tenders, advice and enforcement of public works contracts, general advice on contracts, loan agreements and more.

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