Development, subdivisions, planning and land and environment court litigation

We can assist you to choose the best planning pathway, advise on approvals required, due diligence, preparation of planning proposals, other applications and more.

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Small and large subdivisions are handled by Parker & Kissane’s commercial solicitors who have extensive knowledge of property law enabling them to act for private developers of commercial, industrial and residential land. We can advise you about threatened species issues, biodiversity and conservation, contaminated land, heritage and more.

If you are considering a subdivision of your land, no matter how small or large, you should seek advice from our solicitors who can assist you at each step of the way. Our solicitors benefit from a network of relationships with other professionals involved in the subdivision of land including Councils, engineers, planners and environmental scientists.

Development, planning and building applications, approvals

Our firm has a team of solicitors dedicated to practice in relation to planning and development law. They are experienced in providing advice in relation to the requirements that apply pursuant to planning laws including the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Local and State Environmental Planning Policies.

We can assist you to consider how those laws may apply to you and give advice about whether you may be at risk of committing an offence. If you have received a letter from Council or another planning authority and you require advice or need to respond to you can seek assistance from our planning and development lawyers who will navigate this complex area of law with you to tackle any challenges and help you to achieve your planning and development outcomes.

Planning & development and compliance and Land & Environment Court Disputes

Have you made a development application that has been refused or has not been responded to? Are you a respondent to an application in the Land and Environment Court for an offence? Our Environmental Law team at Parker & Kissane specialises in providing expert advice and representation for litigation in the NSW Land & Environment Court, the Supreme Court of NSW and the Federal Court of Australia.

Environmental & Development Offences

Our environmental lawyers are experts of the complex and ever-changing areas of planning, biodiversity, agriculture, climate change, mining, forestry and water. We work with clients to advise and represent their case, whether they are being prosecuted or bringing a prosecution for example, under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 or National Parks and Wildlife Act.

We’ll help you file development applications, draft planning agreements and represent cases concerning threatened species, contaminated land and heritage issues. If you’re seeking to file a prosecution, or being prosecuted for breaching an Environmental Protection Act, you can trust that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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