Wills, estate planning, family trusts and disputes

Parker & Kissane’s Wills & Estates team can provide certainty and peace of mind when dealing with the legal issues that need to be considered when dealing with Estate issues.

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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Enduring Guardian Documents

Choose how your assets are distributed upon your passing with a legal will and estate planning with Parker & Kissane. Consider who would assist you in your lifetime with legal and financial affairs by appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney. Or perhaps, consider who may assist you in your time of need in relation to medical and lifestyle decisions by appointing an Enduring Guardian. We simplify this process so you can get on with life while knowing your best interests are accounted for.

If someone you know is no longer capable of having those documents prepared and they are in need of assistance we can also help you to consider and make an application to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal to ensure their financial and personal wellbeing is looked after. We can also assist you to respond to an application in the Tribunal if you would like to respond to an application made by someone else.

Parker & Kissane solicitors have been donating their time to taking instructions and drafting wills on a pro bono basis under the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Wills Week and Cancer Council Pro Bono program for over a decade. You can find out more about these worthy community programs here:

Estate planning, family trusts and intergenerational transfers

Secure your loved one’s financial future with a well-drafted will and legal estate plan with Parker & Kissane. We assist clients in distributing their properties and finances to their chosen beneficiaries on their passing. Estate planning can provide certainty and peace of mind. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of estate planning, trusts and deceased estates to remove uncertainty, reduce the risk of future conflict and competing claims. Succession planning for transfer of family assets including intergenerational transfers of rural property is a speciality of Parker & Kissane.

Deceased Estates, Probate, and Letters of Administration

If you are the Executor of a will, your role is to carry out the testamentary intention of that person according to their will. We can guide you through the processes of identifying estate assets and advise on the treatment and distribution of an estate.

If the deceased did not have a will, we provide advice and assist in making an application to distribute an estate.

Disputes involving wills and further provision claims

Have you been excluded from, or not adequately provided for in a loved one’s will? Parker & Kissane’s experienced estate litigation lawyers can provide timely and strategic advice in relation to your rights about who can, and when to, make an application for provision from the estate of a deceased. There are strict timeframes that apply to these applications requiring you to seek advice at the earliest opportunity, call us now to get more information.

We also advise and assist clients who have concerns about the circumstances that might have existed at the time a will was made and who consider that there might be other documents the deceased left as their will. These types of matters require careful consideration and advice to ensure that you are well protected in the event that a Court dispute occurs over the validity of a will. If you need advice about making or responding to a claim about the validity of a will document you should call us for assistance.

Aged Care facility advice and “granny flat interests”

Are you entering a residential care or independent living facility or perhaps care for someone who is? Do you have plans to have a parent or loved one move to your residence, or your ‘granny flat’ for the remainder of their lifetime? Parker & Kissane can assist you in identifying your rights and obligations so you can confidently enter your new living arrangements. The implications of these arrangements can be far reaching and require considered advice that makes sure your arrangements work for you and your family.

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Wills, Estate Planning, Family Trusts and Disputes

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